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Webinar & Meeting with Magnet event tool

Magnet is integrated with Zoom and their services Meeting and Webinar. With the tool, you can create a professional registration page, keep track of your registrations and charge the audience if it is not a free webinar. In short, you will have a complete platform for hosting your webinar.

Introduction to Zoom Webinars & Meetings

The different forms of digital events offer similar features, but there are some important differences regarding how to share audio and video and control them.

Meetings are designed for coworking where all attendees can share their screen, turn on their webcam and microphone and see who is present. Everyone can turn their own sound on and off, but the hosts ​​of the meeting can also turn the other attendees’ sound on and off.

Webinars are designed so that hosts and any designated panelists can share their webcam, microphone, and screen. Other attendees can listen and have the opportunity to interact by questions and answers, chat, answer voting questions, and even share their screen. The host of the meeting can choose to activate the microphone for an attendee so they can talk. Webinar attendees cannot change their names. Hosts ​​can also disable attendees.


Should You Choose Meetings or Webinars?

Zoom meetings are like meeting rooms, perfect when you want to host more interactive gatherings where you want audience participation, or gatherings in smaller groups. The form is best suited for meetings with small to large groups, customer-oriented meetings, sales meetings, training sessions and so on.

Zoom webinars are more like virtual lecture halls or auditoriums. Webinars are perfect for a large audience or for larger events that are open to the public. The form is better suited for large events and public presentations where there are more than 50 people attending. Whether you are giving a lecture, a performance or so on.

The maximum number of attendees and for what amount of time you can hold your events depends on which Zoom license you signed up for. There are four different licenses: BASIC, PRO, BUSINESS and ZOOM UNITED BUSINESS. The higher up you go, the more features and higher limits.

With Meeting, you can have 100,000–1,000 participants depending on the license.

With Webinar, you can have 100,000-10,000 participants depending on the license.


Manage your online events

Use Magnet event tool to manage online events. You get a clear overview which makes it easier to handle many attendees. With the ticket system and payment solutions you get access to, it will be easy to sell tickets. Collecting data and following up on the event also works safely and smoothly.

✓ Package

✓ Get paid

✓ Collect GDPR-secured data.

Ticket system

Early Bird

Discounts and discount codes on one or more tickets

Timed tickets

Add product/offers to the ticket, for example admission + a book

Free tickets

Select buyer information.

Payment solutions




Own invoicing.

Sales statistics and orders


How many attending?

How many attendees have checked in?

Tickets left for sale?

Total sales amount


Information & invitations by email

Customize the confirmation email that is sent to the participant when they register or buy a ticket. Provide practical information and a link to join the event. You can also add tabular programs to the message. Another option is to make two or three mailings, where the link itself is delivered more closely close to the event.

Any questions? Our customer team and support are ready for you.

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