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Free mobile ticketing

The best free mobile ticketing service is the available one

Looking for the best mobile ticketing service? Set up mobile ticketing with Magnet Event Pro and gain full control with a powerful tool. Plan your event and manage it from your smartphone if needed. Create an event and start selling tickets or distributing free tickets.

A mobile event ticketing solution has to be simple

With Magnet Event Pro event planning app you’ll get all tools necessary, in one place. Why use complicated administration tools, when you can handle everything with your fingertips? This is as easy as a mobile event ticketing solution needs to be. You don’t have time for time consuming administration – you have got an event to handle. Today almost everything can be handled from a smartphone. At least the things that used to require a computer with clunky software. For us, that’s not an option anymore.

Online ticketing system for ticket sales

Our online ticketing system is easy to use while offering a lot of options when it comes to tickets.

1. Set up your ticket sales page with a few simple steps

2. Name your tickets

3. Add what is included in the offer

4. Set ticket prices and VAT

5. Decide what information you want to collect from the ticket buyer.


Other available options

  • Provide tickets with different kinds of discounts (e.g. early bird ticket)
  • Distribute discount codes (e.g. for VIP tickets)
  • Set specific time periods for different kinds of tickets to be available for purchase.
Free mobile ticketing

Use the ticket system for free when distributing free tickets

You can use our mobile ticket system completely free of charge when arranging a free event and distributing free event tickets.

Complete event planning software – free of charge for free events


What about payment solutions for selling tickets?

We got several different payment solutions ready for you who want to sell event tickets online. Mastercard, Visa, Invoicing, Economy and Payson among others. This makes it easy for the customer to buy a ticket from you, and easy for you to handle everything with a few clicks.


What is included in Magnet ticket sale software?

These are some of the features in Magnet Event Pro online ticket sale software:

  • Set up event pages with info
  • Send invitations
  • Handle ticketing and set ticket price
  • Choose payment options
  • Promote in several ways
  • Communicate with clients.


With Magnet Event Pro service you’ll get a solution that’s easy to use, yet powerful and puts you in control. Everything in one place, including online ticketing service and revenue control.

Learn more about the features of the platform or start exploring by creating a free account.
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Ticket manager for pros and everyone – the best way to sell tickets online

Tired of trying to get several different apps or services to work together? Do you want things to “just work” and find the best way to sell tickets online? This is probably true no matter if you’re a big company wanting the best software for planning events, or if you run a little local musical festival. Spend less time on dull administration, and gain access to a powerful tool with our popular online ticket manager – the complete solution for mobile ticketing.


Try it for free

Since we believe in this solution we offer you to try it for free. To create an account is completely free of charge, it is only when you want to get started selling tickets that you need to choose the Basic or Pro license. Go explore and see what you think!

We have created a FAQ with the most common queries. If you have questions about our mobile ticketing service that are not included in the FAQ, please contact us.

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