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Event Manager

Event managers have a tough job: your role can make or break an event. But with the right kind of planning and day of flexibility, an event manager can make magic happen. Planning ahead and being aware of what to expect is one of the best ways to ensure that an event goes smoothly. We have put together a list of tips for event managers to help your event go more smoothly.

Create a schedule

As an event manager you live and die by your schedules. A properly planned event has a schedule plotted out in advance. This hourly guide serves as a roadmap to the event and can easily flag disasters before they happen. For instance, if you have 10 speakers and only 30 minutes, chances are that you will not stay on schedule. By planning out your schedule ahead of time, you can adjust timing as needed to ensure things run smoothly.

Do a Dress Rehearsal 

Doing a test run in advance of your event can help you anticipate any challenges and ensure a smooth event day. Follow through your program and go through the motions to practice the flow and see where any challenges could arise. This process can help you discover ideal back up plans so that you don’t have to react in real time during the actual event.

Establish roles

Your team is critical to your success, so it is important that you establish each individual’s responsibilities so that you support each other instead of stepping on each others’ toes. Create a hierarchy for communication to ensure a smooth process on the day of your event. Create a ranking to establish who gives and receives orders.

Create a program for guests

Just as your schedule will guide you through the day, a program can help set expectations among event guests. They want to know what their day will look like, so that they can make the most of the event. If you have multiple things going on at once, make it clear in the program, so that people can choose the sessions that they want to participate in throughout the day.


Send an invitation in advance of your guests a couple of months in advance so that they make their calendars. Then a couple of weeks before the event, send reminders and teasers about who will be there and what to expect.  Use the invitation to let guests know what is expected of them. How much will they pay for themselves and what is included? How should they be dressed? Should they prepare some form of presentation of themselves or the company they represent?

Send reminders

Send out at least one reminder after you have sent the invitation. This update should share some new and meaningful information. Perhaps you are sharing transportation or parking information or you are letting people know the menu or the dress code. These reminders will keep your event top of mind, while also allowing you to build excitement for the event. 

Create maps and signage

You want people to come to your event, so make it really easy to find their way.  Include directions or a map to your invitation. Arrange the signs to the venue in good time.  If you are hosting a conference in a hotel lobby, be sure that there is signage from the minute they walk through the door on where to go. Think like an attendee arriving for the first time and make their journey as smooth as possible.


Good food is always memorable at an event. Be sure that your catering staff has the space and the time they need to prepare and deliver the food so that your guests receive fresh, hot and delicious food. Everyone talks about the food at an event, so be sure yours garners positive reviews.

Send thank you notes 

After your event is over, be sure to thank your attendees. After all, their participation is part of what makes events a success. Thank them for coming and use this as an opportunity to continue the conversation. Do a survey and ask them what they thought and invite them to your next event. Making guests feel acknowledged will help build goodwill among your audience and will encourage them to come back.

These tips can help event managers run a successful event day! Are you looking for an event management tool that you can use to promote your upcoming event? Magnet Event Pro is an easy-to-use web-based software that allows you to create event pages without needing to know how to code! 

The Best Choice for Event Managers

Magnet Event Pro saves you time and money and allows you to keep your focus on organizing your event, rather than trying to get different apps and services to work together. This is the only event manager you’ll ever need. 

Event management software does not need to be expensive, time-consuming or complicated! Our solution is easy to use and does not require you to install large files –you can create event pages simply from your web browser. Just create an account and start managing events straight away!

What is included?

  • Create your own event registration page with images, movies, information, map of the location and more
  • Send invitations through social media
  • Embed the event at your website
  • Handle ticket sales and booking
  • Receive payments from all the major credit cards, Paypal and other options of choice
  • Promote your event
  • Allow visitors to check in at the event
  • Communicate with your visitors
  • Measure event metrics

Who should use Magnet Event Pro?

Our event planning app is designed for many different kinds of customers, who use it to arrange meetings and manage events. Clients range from non-profit organisations to corporate customers and everyone in between. If you have an event to plan, our software is for you. Our intuitive design makes it easy to create, manage and track event pages from the idea to the post-game wrap up. Plan, execute and host successful events!

Try Magnet Pro free! 

Magnet Event Pro is the only event software you’ll ever need. We believe so much in the product that we will let you try it for free! Pay only if and when you want to get started selling tickets. We offer tiered pricing based on your needs including a Freemium model, a basic level and a Pro level.

Check out our FAQ page to answer the most common queries about this service. If you have questions about our event planning app that are not included in the FAQ, please contact us.

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