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Satisfied customers stay loyal

We like satisfied customers. 97% support satisfaction. Nine out of ten customers recommend us.

Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO, Swedish Marketing Federation

Magnet is very simple to use.

Magnet is flexible and easy to use. The fact that our members can register, or unsubscribe from events, means that we can easily administer our participant lists. I only see benefits.
Swedish Marketing Federation
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience, Kundo

Magnet is incredibly flexible!

Magnet is incredibly flexible! Arranging events was previously a manual process for us that took a lot of time, as it included everything from handling registrations and unsubscribers in an excel sheet, to manual invoicing and more. Magnet now solves it all. The presentation, invitation, registrations, check-ins and invoicing in one tool. Incredibly smooth! We are very satisfied Magnet customers.
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience
Malin Croner, CEO, Dalarna Business

We are very happy with Magnet

We are very happy with Magnet. It's nice to have tools that are so easy to use. There is a very high service level, and I feel very confident that I get the help I need if a problem occurs.
Dalarna Business
Malin Croner, CEO