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Event Organizer

Are you an event organizer looking to create event pages?

Our customizable software will suit the needs of any event organizer no matter what kind of event you are hosting. Magnet Event Pro event organizing software offers one of the best and easiest to use solutions for both casual and professional event organizers. The software is free and easy to use – you only pay if you begin to charge for events. Our customizable software will suit the needs of any event organizer no matter what kind of event you are hosting. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to spend your energy on event organizing, without worrying about how to sync apps and data from disparate locations. This is the only event organizing software you’ll ever need!

An integrated online event organizing tool 

Magnet Pro is an online event organizing tool that allows you to organize your event and process ticket sales using a single dashboard in your browser. It works for any event that requires managing invitations including: conferences, informal gatherings, lectures, weddings, conventions, parties or sports events.  

Developed in Sweden, Magnet Event Pro software is regularly updated to meet customer needs and market demands. The event organizer tool is integrated in one dashboard – you don’t need to spend time getting different services and calendars working together. Organize your event with our online tool which is easily accessed through a web browser. No need to install software or apps – just create an account and get going! 

Here is a quick overview.

Tiered Memberships Available: Freemium, Basic or Pro 

Magnet Pro’s event organizing tool is easy-to-use and offers various levels of service. The Freemium level allows you to organize free events for free. The Basic or Pro levels allow you to upgrade your subscription based on your needs. To create larger events or to sell tickets, you can choose one of our affordable pricing plans – Basic or Pro.

  • Send event invitations 
  • Set up a registration page
  • Handle tickets and ticket sales 
  • Receive payments
  • Social-sharing tools
  • Data insights to help improve future offers

Pricing and package Freemium, Basic and Pro

One simple solution  – Create & organize events using one single tool!

Don’t waste time jumping between several different apps or services. With Magnet Event Pro you’ll get everything you need in one dashboard. You plan the event, our platform will handle the rest!

Integrated with Google Analytics, Triggerbee and WordPress, as well as all major payment systems, Magnet Event Pro will save you time while organizing your event, regardless of if you are a professional or are new to organizing events.

Access and use your event planner software from anywhere, and feel safe knowing we understand the importance of integrity and the handling of personal data. 

Organize events for free

Our event organizer software is free for all non-ticket sale events. You can easily create and send invitations to your events by using registration forms and sending invites to your guests. Keep track of responses in real time to track the guest list.

Create your event page with a unique URL, a map of the event’s information and location, videos, photos and, of course, registration for the event in just a few simple clicks!

Easily embed your event page onto your website and share it on your social media channels. Our event organizer works with the major social media platforms. 

Sell tickets – Basic or Pro options

For events with paying visitors, we offer both a basic and pro solution, depending on your needs. When it comes to mobile ticketing and ticket sales, we offer a wide range of ticketing options such as early bird tickets, regular tickets and premium options. Our system offers support for all major credit cards and payment systems, allowing you to select the options that best fit your needs. 

The app provides you with instant data from ticket sales, reservations, cancellations and visitor check ins. Analyze post-event metrics to plan for future events.

With Magnet Event software, you can focus on your passion: event organizing. Try our event organizing software for free before deciding on anything.

Pricing and package Basic and Pro  

What is included in your event organizer software?

  • Create your own event registration page with event information, photos, videos, movies, map of the location and more
  • Send invitations through social media
  • Embed the event on your website
  • Manage ticket sales and booking
  • Create ticket options, such as early bird-tickets, regular and premium ticket options
  • Receive payments from all the major credit cards, Paypal, and other options such as Payson, Billogram, Invoicing, Economy
  • Promote your event
  • Allow visitors to check in at the event
  • Communicate with your visitors
  • Measure event data such as revenue 

Learn more about the features of the platform or start exploring by creating a free account.

Data Metrics Available

Throughout the event organizing process, you will have access to relevant metrics that can help you analyze and learn what is working and what is not working, so that you can better plan for future events. Additionally, create customer surveys to see how people liked your event! Our platform also allows you to track Facebook pixel and LinkedIn data, to see how posts on these channels performed. And of course you can track your sales to determine your ROI!


We know how important consumer privacy is to your audience and how complicated it can feel to an event organizer. We have you covered! Since 2018 the EU requires all handling of data to follow the GDPR Act. Learn more about GDPR

Try Magnet Pro free! 

Event organization does not need to be expensive, time-consuming or complicated! Our solution is easy to use and does not require you to install large files – you can create event pages simply from your web browser. 

Magnet Event Pro is the only event organizing software you’ll ever need. We believe so much in the product that we will let you try it for free! Pay only when you want to get started selling tickets. We offer tiered pricing based on your needs.

Check out our FAQ page to answer the most common queries about this service. If you have questions about our event organization app that are not included in the FAQ, please contact us.

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