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Best event planning apps

Looking for the best event planning apps?

Are you searching for the best event planning apps? Start planning your event with Magnet Event Pro and gain control with a powerful tool. With the Magnet Event Pro event planning app you’ll get all you need in one place, available from any unit.

Choose professional or free event planning app

Our solution suits the professional event planner with all the available options for selling tickets, receiving payment and measuring revenue. However, it is also a good pick for the non profit. When arranging a free event using the event management app it is entirely free of charge.

How do you plan your events today?

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the solution for event planning and management that you have today, or you are just getting into how to manage events like a pro. Regardless – the need for expensive and complicated software is no more. Let us offer something that doesn’t require a certain type of computer or operating system.

Magnet Event Pro is a modern app for simplifying the event planning process. Our event management tool offers a lot of options on everything surrounding the event. You will have everything in one place, always available online.

Arranging a successful event takes a lot of time. We know this, and that’s why we created this tool. With Magnet Event Pro you’ll gain full control, receive analytical data and you’ll be free to put your passion where it belongs: in the organizing of the event itself – not the administration part.

Quick overwiew

What is included in the event app?

These are some of the functions available in our online application for event management:

  • Sending of event invitations
  • Setup of a registration page
  • Handling of ticket solutions and ticket sales
  • Payment solutions and payment options
  • Promotion alternatives
  • In depth analytics and data.
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Event registration & sharing options through the event app

Your event registration page will get an unique URL, where you can display a map of your location, videos, pictures and information. The page is easy to set up and also to embed on your website and share on social media. This party and event planning app works like a charm with the major social media platforms.

And many more features for event management

We constantly add new features to our app, listening carefully to what our customers want. It is our vision that everything should be easy and intuitive for the user. With the built in features you can assign and distribute admin roles to several people. You can also copy and reuse the templates you have used for earlier events. It is fully integrated with Facebook pixel and it will even let you monitor in real time how many of your guests that are checked in.

See all tool features listed

Event management apps are the future

No stress, no fuss. With our event management tools you and your event planning team can plan for the upcoming event in a simple and organizational manner. Our tool has multiple different options for tickets and payment methods, depending on what your event type is in need of. You will also get a good overview of your economy and the amount of tickets you have sold. But not just that, this app also helps you with digital marketing, reaching your target audience and much more.

Whatever the event is, our app can help you to succeed. No need to complicate things.

In search of a free event registration app? Go Freemium

Planning for an event usually requires a lot of both your time and money. So finding a free event registration app that does all the things you expect and more is essential. The Magnet Event Pro service is free for free events and no hassle with installing apps is required. Create a Freemium account and get your hands on the best free event planning app.

Online invitations with RSVP for free

Dealing with ticket sales? Go Basic or Pro

For events where you want to sell tickets we have a basic and pro solution. Early bird tickets, regular tickets, premium tickets – it’s all there in our mobile ticketing solution and it’s up to you to decide what’s best. You will find built in support for all major credit cards and payment handlers, as well as other connections that will considerably simplify your event management.

Pricing and package Basic and Pro

Event planning made easy

Your next event planning does not need to take forever. With our app you will save valuable time and have fun at the same time. Managing events, whether small or big, can be time consuming, but with our tools you can organize straight from your phone when you are on the go. All the features of our app together take event organization to the next level.

Data & intel

Before, during and after the event you will have access to relevant metrics. Magnet Pro supports tracking of data with Facebook pixel and LinkedIN. After the event all data is available for creating reports so that you can better evaluate the event and plan for future events.

Access to relevant metrics makes it easier to work on constantly improving your event management. Forward is the way to go.


Yes, we do value your integrity and security and understand the importance of how to handle personal data. Since 2018 the EU requires all handling of data to follow the GDPR act.

Learn more about GDPR

Try for free – create an account and explore

Try our easy to use and efficient solution. No need for large installations – everything is handled online. You can focus on event management. This is the only event planner app you’ll need. Since we believe in it we offer you to try it out for free and see what you think. To create an account is completely free of charge, it is only when you want to get started selling tickets that you need to choose the Basic or Pro license.

We have created a FAQ, with the most common queries about this service. If you have questions that are not included in the FAQ, please contact us.

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