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Are you looking for Event Management Software?

Here are the Top 7 questions to ask yourself to find the best solution!

If you are hosting an event, the right event management software will help make your job a lot easier.  The right event management platform can help you to sell tickets, so that you can focus on planning the event. Choose a software that can help you easily create and track ticket sales and communicate with customers leading up to the event.  To help you find a software that can help make your life easier, we have created a checklist of the top 7 things you should look for in an event management system. 

1. Can you create a ticket sales page?

A ticket sales page is the best way to sell tickets to your customers. Whether you are offering free tickets or charging premium rates, the ability to create a page which allows consumers to add tickets to their cart is essential. It is important that this page is easy for you to make so that you can clearly communicate the necessary information about your event such as the date, time and location of your event, and allow consumers to transact. Look for event management solutions that allow you to embed the page across your website and social media pages.

 2. Is there a tiered pricing option?

Front row seats cost more than the back row in the balcony and your event management software platform should accommodate these different pricing levels. Look for a system that offers tiered pricing so that you can attract a mix of people to your event. While students might prefer to pay the cheapest price possible, CEOs might prefer premium tickets that include a VIP experience to impress clients. You might also need to release free tickets to partners or the press, so choose wisely and select an event management software that allows you to create different levels of pricing.

 3. Can you accept different payment methods?

Consumers have their own preferred way to pay their friends. Some prefer digital platforms like Klarna, Paypal or Twint, while others like to use more traditional options including Visa, Mastercard or invoices. Choose an event management platform that makes it easy for customers to pay in their preferred method. The easier it is for people to pay, the easier it is for them to complete the purchase and buy tickets to your event. And that is the ultimate goal of an event management platform.

4. What does the data and analytics platform look like?

You can learn a lot about your customers when they make a purchase and this data can help you plan strategically for future events. Does this event management platform give you access to robust analytics about your customers? Seek out a solution that lets you track more than just the customer name and email address. Look for attributes like time of purchase, volume of purchase, amount spent and if they used the mobile app. The more data you have, the better your marketing team is prepared to optimize subsequent events.  

5. Is it easy to integrate into your marketing?

Event management software can help you make a great ticket sales page for your event. But without a little marketing, how will anyone find out about the event? Choose a solution that can help you promote event pages across channels. The landing page should be easy to integrate into emails and social media posts. It should be simple enough to use so that partners and headliners can share the ticket pages across their networks, as well.  

6. Is there a mobile ticketing option?

We live in a mobile world and most people don’t want to have to carry paper tickets around in their pocket. Does this event management platform offer a mobile ticketing option? Look for a solution that lets you create a mobile ticket that can be scanned at the door. Mobile ticketing is a must-have in 2021. This feature will make the entry process smooth and easy, so that your guests won’t have to wait around outside and can begin enjoying the event sooner.

7. Is there a share-with-a-friend tool?

We are social creatures and most people don’t go to events alone. When someone is on your site buying a ticket, they may be wondering who else they would like to see at the event. And if they are not, it is your job to remind them. Does the event management software have a share-with-a-friend tool that you can feature on the ticket page? Take advantage of the power of word-of-mouth marketing and choose a technology that makes it easy for ticket buyers to share the event with friends. Just think these fans can help you sell out the event! 

Not every event management software is the same. Choose one that can help you sell more tickets and can enhance the attendee experience. You should spend your time planning the big day to make it awesome, not fussing around with code. Let your event management system do the heavy lifting. Have a great event!

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