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8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Ticketing System

Are you getting the most out of your event ticketing system? Here are a few elements to consider with your ticketing system software.

Hosting an event is a lot of work, but finding the right ticketing system can help you overcome the challenges and help streamline the ticketing selling process. A good ticketing system can help you create the event page and ticket sales in one smooth interface. Ticketing systems can automate the entire process, so that you can focus on planning a great event and getting more people to attend. Here are some ideas to make the most of your ticketing software. 

1. Create Different Price Levels

Tiered-pricing options give you an opportunity to reward Early Bird shoppers or offer free tickets to partners and the press. Take advantage of your ticketing system’s features and create different price levels for your event. In addition to offering basic tickets,  you may increase revenues by offering a VIP level ticket to people who are willing to pay more. This ticket should include a premium experience such as access to talent or maybe something more practical such as free parking and dinner included.

2. Be Mobile Friendly

We live in a mobile world and consumers expect to have a mobile ticketing option when they go to an event. Make sure that your ticketing system allows you to create mobile tickets that can be scanned at the door. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient process for ticket handlers and deliver a better user experience to your attendees.

 3. Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Consumers today pay with a range of payment apps from their phones and their watches. Make it easy for customers to pay in a number of different payment systems including these new apps and basic credit cards, so that they are more likely to complete the purchase. Prevent hurdles to purchasing by ensuring you accept as many payment platforms as possible. Making the ticket sales process easy will help you increase revenues.

4. Promote Ticket Sales 

Make fans aware of your event and make it clear that tickets are available for sale. Do this by promoting ticket sales across your digital channels from Instagram and TikTok to search and email. Be sure to spread your message in the channels that your customers spend time in. Also encourage the talent at your event to share these links to their audiences. By tapping their networks, you extend the potential audience of your event to their fans as well.

5. Build FOMO

There is nothing like the fear of missing out to help you sell tickets to your event. Create this FOMO by sharing lots of photos and videos of people having fun at your previous events. Create a hashtag to help build the conversation around your most beloved fans. Let them do the talking, so that their networks understand that this event is not to be missed. Be sure to include links back to your ticket sales page.

6. Don’t Forget the Basics

When you plan an event, it might be easy to get caught up in the big names, the fancy location and the exciting menu. But before anyone can enjoy the entertainment, they will need to know where they are going and when they should be there. Remember to create a page that includes the date, time, location and other relevant information such as parking instructions or public transportation information. Also consider adding a map. This will help make sure that people find the event!

7. Remember the User Experience 

A ticketing system should help you create tickets and sell tickets but it should also make the process as smooth as possible for your customers. Pick a ticketing system that allows you to preview the ticket buying process so that you can understand the process your customers will experience. Make it smooth, efficient, informative and easy. Delivering an effortless user experience will help increase transactions.  

8. Tap the Data

Your ticketing system should help you keep track of sales and by examining this data you can learn meaningful insights about your customers. Explore which days people are buying, what converted a sale (an Instagram post, an email, for instance), which price tier is most popular, and where your attendees are coming in from. By exploring your customers, you will learn who is most likely to buy tickets and how to better communicate with them, which can help increase sales over time. Tap this data to learn more about  your customers throughout the journey!

Following this advice can help you optimize your experience with your ticketing system and deliver a more profitable event. Cheers to a successful event!

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