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Festival management software for live events

Are you looking for the best festival management software? With Magnet Event Pro you’ll get a festival management system that’s easy to use, yet powerful and puts you in control. Everything in one place, including ticketing system and revenue control. Try it here today.

Here’s how our festival management software works

Using computer software, there are usually problems with versions and compatibility. One operating system is required, while others have problems. And then come the updates… You won’t get such problems with our software though – since Magnet Event Pro is 100% online based. It’s an online party & event planning app.

Simply create an account, create an event page and share it to your festival visitors. This is an easy process. If you’re running a free music festival or movie festival, you will be able to use our solution for free. That’s right – free events can use our festival management software for free.

Plan your music festival with us

Come join our other users who’ve already successfully arranged different sorts of events similar to yours. Check some of the Magnet Event Pro users out here (scroll down). These are some of the functions you’ll get:

  • Create an event/registration page with information such as text, pics and movies
  • Invite your visitors through social sharing
  • Manage tickets and ticket sales
  • Receive payments – different options available
  • Embed the event info on your webpage
  • Communicate with your visitors
  • Measure revenue, visitor data and more

Make it easy for your visitors

This event management tool is so powerful, that you might not even need a website for your festival. In a way, your event page is a website. It has its unique URL, where your visitors can see map of your location, check videos, pictures and read info. They can also contact you with the info provided from you. Promote  it in social media.

Magnet Event Pro – for pros and everyone

Tired of trying to get several different apps or services to work together? Do you want things to “just work”? This is probably true no matter if you’re a big company wanting the best software for planning events, or if you run a little local musical festival. Spend less time on dull administration, and gain access to powerful tools with our popular web based service.

"We are very happy with Magnet"
Malin Croner, CEO
Dalarna Business
"Magnet is incredibly flexible!"
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience
"Magnet is very simple to use."
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Swedish Marketing Federation