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Ticket sales online with ready-to-use tool

Ticket sales online with ready-to-use tool

Ticket sales online with ready-to-use tool Selling tickets online is made easy with the help of our tool Magnet. It has never been easier to create and sell tickets to your events. You are the one in control over selling your mobile tickets and you do not need to pay provision to another supplier. Have […]

Ticket sales online with ready-to-use tool

Selling tickets online is made easy with the help of our tool Magnet. It has never been easier to create and sell tickets to your events. You are the one in control over selling your mobile tickets and you do not need to pay provision to another supplier. Have fun whilst handling tickets and save time with smart features.

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Sell tickets online with full flexibility

You can quickly put up a page to manage and sell tickets online. Name your tickets, put a price on them, and enter the VAT. Through the system you can also choose what kind of information you want from your customers. This way you can alter the page to fit the needs of your event.

Create your own types of tickets with different amounts of discount and distribute discount codes. You also have the possibility to control the time when different types of tickets are up for sale. Through our tool you are also able to create a queuing list if your event is especially popular.

Sell event tickets online with these features:

  • Use an app to check-in
  • Early bird tickets
  • Discounts and discount codes on one or several tickets
  • Time controlled tickets, for sale for certain times or dates
  • Add an offer to your ticket, for example, entrance + a book
  • Free tickets
  • Choose what information you want from your buyers
  • Possibility for spare seats if they get sold out

But these are not the only features of Magnet. We have everything you need to handle ticketing as well as managing an event. Get started with selling tickets right away, create an account today. You are always welcome to contact our support if you have any questions about our ticket booking system.

5 tips on how you increase your online ticket sales

The one who organizes an event needs to put down a lot of time and focus on selling tickets. But there are shortcuts to get them all sold out quicker. We will give you the tips to speed up your event ticketing, even if you are against harsh competition and have a low budget for marketing. Use these tips and the features of our easy-to-use platform for handling ticket sales. Maximize your sales with our tool.

1. Fear of missing out

Focus less on marketing what your guests get at the event and more on what they will miss out on if they do not attend. Use people’s fear of missing out as a way of promoting your event. You can further strengthen your message by showing enticing photos from last year’s event.

We want to do things that we see other people doing, so use that knowledge to your advantage when marketing. To create a feeling of desire in your target group: make sure to mention how many people will attend your event and what famous people are among the attendees. If it is a conference or industry event, don’t forget to mention the competitors that are in attendance. This will likely help you to sell tickets.

2. Limit the number of seats

It is better to create overbooked events than events where only half the seats are filled up. Think about how the people in attendance will talk to their friends about their experience of the event. Try to spread a feeling of exclusivity and popularity and make them feel like they need to book tickets well in advance in order to secure a spot. Otherwise, you will be standing with an even smaller event next year. Keep cool and limit the amount of seats in the ticketing system.

3. Offer them something worth the money

Before you try to make money off of potential participants, offer them something with value. It can for example be offering different types of tickets, where one type is free, but you can pay for special benefits. This way you might be able to have a fully booked event, that people then can talk about. Your participants will market your event as well-attended to their friends and acquaintances. With that in mind they might later find that paying to reserve seats in advance, is worthy of their money. With the right kind of special benefits, even the tickets that cost will become highly sought after.

4. Engage people who affect others

Put in extra time and energy to find people that easily engage and affect other people. If you can get a person like that to attend your event, likely others will follow. Make sure that they have a fantastic experience at your event. What they have to say about your event afterward can be crucial to how the attendance at your next event will turn out.

It can be leaders of some sort, people with a broad social circle, influencers or just people who use social media a lot. Do not forget to make a hashtag and create possibilities for communication around your event online. Save comments that can be used as a reference, this will help you to attract visitors to your next event. With the right kind of marketing your online ticket sales will rise.

5. Create a sense of fellowship

To create fellowship among your participants, use humor, and entertainment. You can for example show funny videoclips from the event or support a charity.

Lastly: Remember that even the best and biggest events can have difficulty selling out all their tickets sometimes. But through using these tips you can significantly increase your chances in succeeding.

Get better at selling tickets with us

We make it easy and fun to handle ticket sales. But the features of our platform do not stop there, we have everything you need to manage an event, all in one place. Check how many tickets have been sold or the total revenue, directly from your phone, wherever you are. This way you can stay on top of things with ease.

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Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Swedish Marketing Federation
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO, Swedish Marketing Federation

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