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Simplifying webinar management

Simplifying webinar management Are you considering calling off your meeting or event because you are not able to have it in person? Think again. There is another option. Make your event into an online webinar instead. In need of a simple platform for webinar management? Look no further. Our tool helps you to manage your […]

Simplifying webinar management

Are you considering calling off your meeting or event because you are not able to have it in person? Think again. There is another option. Make your event into an online webinar instead.

In need of a simple platform for webinar management? Look no further. Our tool helps you to manage your webinar so that it can succeed. Handle everything from participant registrations and payments to revenue and other vital data, all in one place.

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Userfriendly webinar platform

Calling off or pushing forward meetings or events is never fun, so make it into a webinar for your guests instead. There are easily accessible services for video meetings and webinars like for example Google Meets, Skype and GoToWebinar. Concerts and lectures as well as matches and other sporting events can be done with an audience by live streaming through Vimeo och Youtube.

Are you going to have many people in attendance and wonder about how you are going to be able to administer it all? Use Magnet, the smart event tool. This helps you to spread the word of your webinar, manage registrations, sell tickets and keep track of things both before, under, and after the webinar. If you don’t charge your customers, we won’t charge you for using our webinar platform.

For inviting guests, planning and managing online events

  • Time-saving
  • Flexible
  • Gives structure

Create a webinar

With Magnet, you can get an event registration page up and running in just a few minutes. Recieve guest registrations quickly by using a simple platform. With our webinar management tool, you can create creative, selling, good-looking event pages. You can for example change colors, pictures, fonts, background pictures, as well as color and form on icons for links to social media platforms.

Different types of tickets on our webinar platform

Name your tickets, decide on prices and enter VAT. If it is a package you can enter what is to be included in the ticket price; for example, a book or gift card. You are the one who decides what information you want the buyer to leave. Create your own tickets with different types of discounts, for example for the one that is buying tickets well in advance (Early-bird tickets) and distribute discount codes.

You can also time control different ticket types and enter specific time intervals when these tickets are up for sale. If you are arranging a popular event where the tickets usually disappear quickly you can also put up a queuing list through this ticketing tool. What you get is simply a flexible and effective ticket management tool.

Several ready-to-use payment options

What fits your organization and the event in question the best? For some, it is Paypal, others, card payment. Some might want to do the invoicing themselves, whereas others might want to arrange a webinar that is completely free of charge. Magnet has quite a few different payment options that you can use through our platform. And Magnet is also free for free events.

Administrate the event

Easily prepare an eye-catching information email with our platform. This will then be sent to the participant when they have registered or bought their ticket. In this way, the participant will get access to a link or other practical information so that they can connect to the meeting. Another way is to make emails to send after the customer has registered, bought their ticket, etc. But have the actual link to the webinar delivered by email close in time to it starting, for example, an hour before.

If you are going to make an already booked in-person meeting into a webinar it is of course important to clearly inform about this on all social channels. Also, message registered participants directly through email. If you find it necessary, send a text message as well. You do not want any of your participants to miss out on this information. It is better to be overly clear than to risk people not getting information about the change.

A good overlook through the platform

On your admin page, you can see all things administrative surrounding the event. How many tickets have been sold? What is the total sales amount? How many participants have canceled and how many people are attending? How many checked in through the app and how many used their computer? In this way, you get a hold of registrations, payments, and cancellations. With a proper overview, you can keep track of all things.

Check-in through an app

Use your phone or computer to check in your guests to the event. Everything is updated in real-time from all the different devices. You get a hold of how many people have connected and how many you are waiting for. All so that managing your webinar works smoothly.

Follow up on your webinar

When the webinar is over you get access to relevant data and statistics. On top of that, you have the possibility to go through with a follow-up of the participants’ experience. This gives you everything you need to create an even better webinar for your next time.

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Some features that our platform offers:

  • Receive payments through many different payment options
  • Get a good overlook of revenue
  • Handle registrations
  • Send invites
  • Ask for information about your participant
  • See how many tickets are left
  • Create marketing content for your social media

But this is not all, Magnet has many more practical and useful features to help you with webinar management. We make managing webinars easy, fun and time-effective.

Create an account and familiarize yourself with all the features of Magnet today!

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Malin Croner, CEO
Dalarna Business
Malin Croner, CEO, Dalarna Business

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