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How to give a professional online presentation

What does the live streamed presentation demand of you? A clear agenda, the right lighting and a secure connection for instance. What else do you need to keep in mind to give a professional online presentation? Find out by noting these 10 tips on how to quality-assure your virtual presentation.


Be clear from the start about your purpose and approach, whether attendees are expected to contribute in any way and what they will get out of the session. State this already in your invitation.


Put your computer on a stack of books in order to place the camera at eye level. If the camera is placed too low during the presentation, the experience may be that you are looking down at your audience. If it is placed too high you will appear to look up at them.


Make sure you have enough lighting so that you are clearly visible. Avoid sitting with a window behind you. Then there is a great risk that your face will appear shadowed. Instead, use the window light from the side or front.

Also remember to tidy up the background for a professional impression. However it does not have to be empty; feel free to present a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit.


Make sure you have a steady and reliable internet connection so that you are able to conduct your presentation without disruption. Preferably a speed of at least 100/100.


Choose equipment with the highest possible sound and image quality. It is important for engagement that your attendees see and hear the presentation in the best way.

Are you in a large space  or are there several speakers? Then it may be a good idea to use external cameras and microphones. An option is the kind you attach to the computer screen.


Think about how your audience perceives you on their screen. Avoid outfits with stripes and patterns, strong colors such as red and sweaters with text.

Try to sit straight in the back slightly leaning forward and make sure that your viewers  can see your hands. This gives a committed and confident impression. Also remember to smile – it will energize both you and your attendees.


  • Make sure all equipment is charged
  • Check the internet connection
  • Test the microphone, audio and video quality
  • If your presentation is a live event: check the live streaming tool.


Make a clear and detailed schedule with changes in pace and several breaks. When beginning the presentation explain your layout and walk the attendees through the different sessions and how long they will be. Make sure to follow time schedule.


  • Ask yourself if you can bring something fun and unexpected that makes your lecture stand out.
  • Before you start, you can give the attendees a quick tour of your office or the room you are in.
  • When the opportunity arises, call your attendees by name.
  • If you run a chat function with a larger number of attendees, it might be a good idea to use a moderator. Their task will be to keep the questions and comments in order and highlight the most important topics at regular intervals, in order to create a good dialogue between you and your attendees.
  • The audience is happy to share what they think. Here are some tools you can use for live queries:

  • End your online presentation with a short summary and a check-out question.


Good luck with your presentation!

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Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience, Kundo

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