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Corporate events management with all-in-one platform

Corporate events management with all-in-one platform

Corporate events management with all-in-one platform Time to arrange a corporate event? Do you want it to succeed? Behind successful corporate events and content guests lies of course structured work and much planning. Administration, communication, and a whole lot of practical details need to be looked over. But with our platform, you can keep track […]

Corporate events management with all-in-one platform

Time to arrange a corporate event? Do you want it to succeed? Behind successful corporate events and content guests lies of course structured work and much planning. Administration, communication, and a whole lot of practical details need to be looked over. But with our platform, you can keep track of it all.

Corporate events are arranged with varying purposes and can look completely different. For companies events are powerful platforms where you can spread a message, build relationships and market your brand. A successful event often has its foundation in the fact that the guests’ experience has been put on priority. Going to an event should be fun and exciting for all.

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But how do you then arrange impactful corporate events? Start by reading this article.

Different types of corporate events

A corporate event can be aimed towards coworkers, partners or clients. These are a few examples of different types of corporate events.

  • Kick-off
  • Conference
  • Christmas party
  • Theme day
  • Team building activities
  • Awards gala
  • Client meeting
  • Educations
  • Product launches

Plan & book a corporate event – a few tips

Structure and a good overview is vital in being able to plan and book all types of corporate events in a professional way. Since events like this generally are a recurring activity it pays off to analyze your routines and way of working. In that way you can save time and resources, and at the same time make sure that your events become a positive experience that fulfills its purpose.

Take the first step by coming up with answers to a few fundamental questions:

What is the purpose of the event?

To inform about a new venture, to celebrate something or strengthen relationships?

What should the event include?

Is there going to be entertainment, food and drinks, activities, or perhaps the possibility to stay overnight?

Who picks the activities and makes the booking?

One option is to let the guests leave suggestions on activities and then vote about them. In that case you need someone who is responsible for following it through and making the booking.

Where is the corporate event going to be held?

For events that only extend over one day or evening, the city or nearby city of the company’s headquarter is a good option. In the case where you will have people staying overnight you need to think about whether or not the city you are considering has the capability to house the guests of your event. Also, remember to find and book a venue well in advance.

What date and time are fitting?

Do not just look at your company’s schedule, make sure that your corporate event does not clash with other competing events.

Checklist for professional corporate event management

It can be difficult to prioritize amongst everything that needs to be done. There are just so many possibilities that you might start feeling a little lost in it all. But here we bring up five things worthy of your focus. View it as a checklist that helps you to create as professional corporate events as possible.

1. Engage the participants

You can not arrange an event without an audience. Therefore there is nothing more important than focusing on engaging the people in attendance. This you need to start doing before the event, as well as during, and after.

Before the event you should engage your top ambassadors and get them talking about your event. It can be speakers, influencers or even simply past guests at your events who feel deeply about the subject. Ignite their interest by delivering new topics of discussion every week and creating opportunities for continuous discussion on social media. Encourage conversation both online and IRL, as well as afterwards to keep the participants involved.

2. Social media

Focusing on social media is the way to go. There you can measure the interest that already exists and on top of that keep increasing it. Create accounts on different types of social media and publish new, interesting content continuously. Create hashtags for your events and the conversations around them. Also, use the hashtags to encourage participants to share photos and updates about the event.

Look out so that your content is not just big words with empty messages. Make it genuinely interesting by highlighting the theme. If for example new research has been published about the topic of your corporate event, share the information and use it to start discussions. This contributes to establishing your brand as a leader in the field, which in turn makes people view your event as important to attend. And that is exactly what you want.

3. Inspiration

The people in your audience want to be entertained. Book inspiring lecturers that are of interest to your guests. Think about what speakers they likely would want to see, and book them if possible. Create fun elements that break the ice and make it into an interactive atmosphere for all participants.

4. Customer service

Event planners can put down so much time and energy on all the practical things that they forget the client. This could undermine the whole event. The focus needs to be on the customer always.

Try to understand how the customer will experience your event as a whole and put in effort to see things from their perspective. Is the website easy to navigate? Is it simple to buy tickets? Does your event site offer useful information without having to log in? Are the lecturers engaged and entertaining? Are there lots of rooms at the conference hotel and enough parking spots?

The participants will get different impressions of your event depending on these details. Influence the guest’s first impression by looking over all these aspects of your corporate event. Go over the whole event from the guest’s perspective, from start to finish, and make sure it all runs smoothly.

5. Feedback from guests

It is without a doubt best to turn to the participants for useful feedback on your corporate event. Take contact with your audience a short time after the event and take advantage of the resource that they are. Create a short survey that is easy to answer. Send follow-up mail or messages and ask for feedback in an easygoing way. Make sure you get answers to what was good and not so good about the event.

Take the pulse of your event immediately after, so you get fresh insights as to how you are going to handle your event management for your next corporate event. And remember to go through what you learnt before you start planning your next corporate event.

Learn more about corporate event management

As the one responsible for arranging the event you can feel more secure in your role by learning more about corporate event management and event marketing. Always stay updated in these topics. You can find useful tips, in-depth articles and practical guides, in our blog.

A good start is going through our list of tips for organizing an event.

A few tips: The platform that takes your corporate event management to the next level

With the right kind of support, managing an event will become more fun and your events will be more appreciated. Everyone likes when everything from booking to attending the actual event runs smoothly. Regardless of if you are responsible for arranging the corporate event on your own or if you have a whole team with you, there are big advantages to working with our easy-to-use platform Magnet.

All in order

Quick and easy you can create your own registration page for your corporate event. You can also add however many parts to your program that you want. When guests are registering you can take the opportunity to gather information about for example special diets and other relevant information.

Easy to use

With the automatic booking confirmation, you can give your guests all the information that they need. If you charge money for the tickets there are lots of different types of tickets and payment options available in the system. This together with a number of other features for event management makes Magnet an asset.

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Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Swedish Marketing Federation
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO, Swedish Marketing Federation

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