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Simple tool for marketing events

Simple tool for marketing events

Are you looking for something to help you with marketing events? Or are you using events as your marketing strategy? Either way, Magnet has the tools needed to market, organize and arrange a successful event. With all the things that you need in one place, managing the event will be easier, more fun and on […]

Are you looking for something to help you with marketing events? Or are you using events as your marketing strategy? Either way, Magnet has the tools needed to market, organize and arrange a successful event. With all the things that you need in one place, managing the event will be easier, more fun and on top of that, you will save time.

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What is event marketing?

Event marketing creates a possibility for you to get closer to your target group by giving them an interactive experience. Engaged and satisfied guests visible to the public, is an important step in your company’s market communication. Things seen with your own eyes or through pictures and videos speak louder than mere words.

Event marketing is marketing in the form of an event or in connection with an event. On events arranged by others marketing can be done by sponsoring, using a trade fair stand, holding a lecture, or arranging some other type of activity. If instead it is you and your company who are arranging the event, it is the whole arrangement from start to finish that is your marketing communication towards possible clients.

Why you should use events as marketing

The good thing about using events as a marketing strategy is that your company can meet and interact with the target audience directly. The event is an effectful platform when it comes to strengthening things like:

  • Message
  • Brand
  • Relationships

It is about getting the customers involved, something that can be challenging considering today’s enormous flow of information. The event as a physical experience means a greater chance of reaching the customer. When more than one sense is activated we can take things in easier, remember the message told, and connect to the subject on a new level.

Make sure it is a positive experience

Make use of the moment by making sure your event has a well-thought-out program. It should be a well-executed event in all aspects. Not only on things like design, interior, and feeling, but also on the more practical things. Make sure all things run smoothly. After the event comes the important feedback and assessment. Here you can gather valuable information for you to both improve and expand your upcoming events. And also you get to know the customers and their needs better.

Marketing with events

Using events as a way of marketing your organization or company, is a smart strategy. This way you will likely get people talking about your brand, and if the event is a success, in a very positive way. This is a great way of building a client base.

Make sure the event is something the participants will remember and want to talk about. Even better is if the event is photo friendly and suitable for nice pictures on social media platforms. Another thing you can do to get even more marketing from your event, is by giving out goodiebags. These should contain things most people use every day, like for example a tote bag or a water bottle. Of course these should be branded with for example your organizations logo.

Arrange successful events with a sharp tool

Arranging an event means that there is going to be a whole lot of project management regardless of if it is one part of many responsibilities in your professional role, if you are only working as an event manager, or if you are doing non-profit work. From the very first planning to the continuous management and lastly the follow up, there are often many balls in the air. For it to work well and not take too much time and resources, organization and structure are a must.

One thing is simply necessary for it to work as smoothly as possible, and that is for you to have a good overview and control over all things related to the event. This helps you to schedule your time in an effective way and get the things done at the right time. An overall structure is key.

Magnet is the solution

With our complete tool Magnet you get the structure that you need. Here you can easily create a registration page and send out invites to your event through customizable templates. If you wish you can sell tickets and use ready-to-use payment alternatives.

To your help you have a number of smart features to market and manage your event. In only one system you can fix everything from printing out name tags to reaching the participants with information through text messages and also use a check-in feature at the venue. All of it so that you can minimize the time required and make sure you get as many participants as possible to your event.

Afterwards you get access to all relevant data, useful for planning the next event. The experience of the customers you can easily follow up trough our tool for surveys.

Here are some of the features

  • Send invites
  • Sell tickets through different payment options
  • Get an overview of revenue in real time
  • Create marketing content for social media platforms
  • Customizable tickets and sales
  • Get access to data and statistics after
  • Add team members and work alongside each other

Marketing & event management

Marketing events is fun when all things run smoothly. With our tool there is no need to try and make different apps or softwares cooperate, in Magnet you have all that you need. You also do not need to download anything or figure out struggles with different updates, with our tool everything is online, ready for you to use.

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"Magnet is incredibly flexible! Arranging events was previously a manual process for us that took a lot of time, as it included everything from handling registrations and unsubscribers in an excel sheet, to manual invoicing and more. Magnet now solves it all. The presentation, invitation, registrations, check-ins and invoicing in one tool. Incredibly smooth! We are very satisfied Magnet customers."
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience, Kundo

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