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Host webinars with our helpful platform

Host webinars with our helpful platform

Planning a webinar can feel like a bit of a hassle, but with helpful tips and a fitting platform, it all becomes fun instead. There is much to keep track of when you are arranging a webinar, therefore a successful webinar needs a fitting tool. Try Magnet today and use the tips in this article […]

Planning a webinar can feel like a bit of a hassle, but with helpful tips and a fitting platform, it all becomes fun instead. There is much to keep track of when you are arranging a webinar, therefore a successful webinar needs a fitting tool.

Try Magnet today and use the tips in this article to plan successfully!

Guide on how to host webinars

You can use webinars to educate and communicate with your clients, as well as use them to market and sell your products or services. In this article we help you to understand what a webinar is, how you use this platform in the best way, and actual tips that take your digital events to the next level.

Reach the right people by hosting webinars

Invite possible clients through your email list. Share your event on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Combine with adverts for increased visibility.

Fix the technicalities

You who are hosting the webinar session must pick the right equipment and master it. It is extremely important that your participants can see and hear the lecture as well as possible. Pick professional equipment with high sound and picture quality. Make sure that your computer, regardless of if it is a PC or Mac, is so modern that both the microphone and camera work properly. Also, make sure that you have a secure and steady internet connection. Preferable a speed of at least 100/100.

External camera and microphone for the win

Are you at a big venue or are you several people who are having lectures? Then it is a good idea to use external cameras and microphones, for example, the type that you attach to the screen. An external camera and microphone can be worth spending some extra money on. It gives a more professional impression compared to those that are already a part of the computer and noticeably improves the quality.

Placement is key

Remember to place the camera correctly. Put your computer or camera on a stack of books or something similar. In that way, the camera is at eye level. If you have the camera too low the audience might feel like you are looking down on them and if you place it too high they might feel like you look up to them. For you who are moving around during the webinar, we recommend a wireless microphone.

Remember to double-check that everything works at least an hour before the webinar.


  • Make sure that all the equipment is charged.
  • Try the internet connection
  • Try the quality of the microphone, sound, and video
  • Check the streaming software if you are having a live webinar

Magnet is integrated with Zoom and their services Meeting and Webinar. With our tool, you can create a nice-looking registration page, keep track of registrations and even get payment in a simple way if your webinar is not for free. In this way, you have a complete webinar platform.

Capture the audience

A successful webinar can be as entertaining as an exciting movie, whilst a badly executed webinar has the opposite effect. If it is not done well we shut it off or choose something else to watch.

How do you create successful webinars and build long-term relationships through online events?

Here we have gathered some of our best tips.

1. Put effort into making a good introduction and make it as inspiring as you can. Encourage the participants to present themselves, as well as invite them to ask questions about the webinar if you have a chat feature.

2. Focus on keeping it entertaining and give your audience a good show regardless of what your online meeting is about. In that way, you can capture your participant’s attention and increase the probability that they remember what you have talked about.

3. Show the participants appreciation and deliver a webinar of value for those listening. Call the webinar attendees by name and be pedagogical. Vary parts with focus with some lighter elements to keep their interest and concentration.

4. If anything changes last minute, adjust what is needed. Believe that you and your team are able to do it and do your absolute best.

5. Put in pauses in the program. Also, remember to do brief pauses in your lecture as well as some unexpected things every now or then for the best result.

6. Increase the interaction between you and your webinar attendees by asking the audience what they think. Here are some tools you can use for live questions:


7. Clean the background and make it look nice for the camera. It is a good idea to put some flowers or a bowl of fruit behind you.

8. Make sure you have sufficient lighting so that they can see you clearly. Refrain from sitting with a window behind you. Use window lighting from the front or side if possible.

9. Think about how you are perceived in an online meeting:

  • Don’t choose strong colors, t-shirts with text or vividly patterned fabrics
  • Sit with a straight back, slightly leaned forward
  • Make sure your participants can see your hands. It gives a trustworthy impression
  • Give energy to both yourself and your webinar attendees by smiling

10. Explain the program to your audience. Make sure it is detailed, clear, and has a variation in tempo and pauses. Repeat the different parts of the program and how long time these will take. Remember to stick to the times in the schedule.

Magnet is the solution

With our platform, you can plan, organize and arrange your webinar directly from your phone, tablet, or computer. No need to download anything, you can access everything you need online. Successfully hosting webinars is easy when you have the right tools to do it.

Create an account and start using Magnet today!

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"Magnet is flexible and easy to use. The fact that our members can register, or unsubscribe from events, means that we can easily administer our participant lists. I only see benefits. "
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Swedish Marketing Federation
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO, Swedish Marketing Federation

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