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A simpler workday with Magnet Event Platform
Create beautiful registration pages, choose the payment solutions that suit you best, administer registrations, tickets, queue lists and much more in one product: Magnet. You choose whether your event is Online or a physical meeting. Magnet is Zoom integrated.
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"We are very happy with Magnet"
Malin Croner, CEO
Dalarna Business
"Magnet is very simple to use."
Francesca O´Brien Apelgren, CEO
Swedish Marketing Federation
"Magnet is incredibly flexible!"
Björn Lilja, Head of Customer Experience

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Need an Event Platform made easy?

Yes, this is it. Here is the ultimate event platform software, serving you with structure and sharp functions while easy to use. Manage your event within every step of the way using Magnet event platform tool online.

Event Platform software – for any event

Use Magnet event platform whether you are a professional event planner, planning business events from time to time, or setting out to create a meet up free of charge. Magnet offers a free event platform software. If you want to send out invitations and set up an event registration page for a free event, you can use Magnet event planning software for free. If you aim to sell tickets, you will find a highly flexible ticket sales system within the tool, and a range of payment solutions to connect with. There is no curing time for Magnet event platform, and you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you wish. Allowing you to manage events in every detail.

To promote and manage your event and ticket sales

You will have a strong line up of smart functions behind you. This will save you time when getting as many attendees as possible to your event. Manage everything from printing name tags to communicating important updates by SMS and checking in the guests at arrival. When the event is over, you will also have access to relevant data, such as metrics. And the opportunity to easily follow up on the experience of your attending guests. Different types of tickets. Provide Early Bird tickets, discounts and discount codes on one or more tickets. Set timed tickets, add products to your ticket such as admission along with a T-shirt. Offer a waiting list when fully booked. Using the check in app at the entrance you will also keep track of which and how many guests that has arrived. Select payment method Choose which payment method to use for each event, and set a preferred method if you have a first option.